With WWDC this week, there are some major changes to Apple Watch development.

#Clockkit ClockKit allows for the building of new complications for the Apple Watch. Complications are the widgets which can be shown inside a clock face (i.e. timer, time zones, activity, etc..).

#HealthKit SDK Access Now apps can have access to HealthKit data which was closed off on the watch.

#Improved communication between Watch and App The new Watch Connectivity Framework provides major improvements between app and watch.

#More multimedia capabilities Movies, microphone and speaker access.

#Force Touch Context Menu Now you have the ability to customize the context menu for force touch.

#Getting Started Those are some major improvements to the SDK. In order to test it now on an actual watch you need watchOS 2 installed of course but also iOS 9 beta on your phone and XCode 7 beta installed to start working with it.

For details check out Apple's website as well as their collection of WWDC video for 2015.