lg watch urbane
LG Watch Urbane, provided by Flickr, Kārlis Dambrāns

Android Wear is coming to iPhone. Engadget reports that as long as you have at least an iPhone 5, iOS 8.2, and a newer Android Wear (i.e. LG Watch Urbane, as of Aug 31 2015) you should be good to go.

For one thing, only the latest iPhones -- those that are running iOS 8.2 and up -- are supported (that includes the iPhone 5 onwards). More importantly, this app only works with the very latest in Android Wear watches. Right now, the only watch that works with this is the new LG Watch Urbane, which is the most recent Android Wear watch to launch. We're told that the app will also work with all future Wear devices, including upcoming watches from ASUS, Motorola and Huawei.

It sounds like things which work on the Android phone should work on the iPhone. This includes notifications, voice queries, and watch faces. It exciting to hear some new competition to the Apple Watch in the iPhone space. The iOS apps should be available this week. [Engadget]