Here is quick overview of what we've learned today from WWDC.

  • watchOS 3 - Faster App Launches And App Dock Accessed By Side Button
  • tvOS - HomeKit and Dark Mode Added
  • macOS Sierra - Auto Unlock, Siri, Optimized Storage with iCloud Drive, Apple Pay on the Web, Picture in Picture
  • iOS 10 - VOIP SDK, Siri SDK, iMessage SDK as well more features in Messages, Photos, Maps, Music, and Lock Screen.


watchOS 3

watchOS Startup Acceleration Changes

  • Serious Acceleration in App Launch Time by Keeping Favorite Apps in memory

watchOS Side Button Changes

Side Button Changes
  • Side Button is now for an App Dock to Load Frequently Used Apps
  • 911 Emergency Access with Side Button Hold
  • Glances include more Interactions
  • Control Panel can be Swiped From the Bottom Just as iOS
  • Edge to Edge Swiping to Switch Watch Faces
Texting Changes
  • Text Reply Interfaced Condensed
  • Scribbles for Writing Texts
  • Activity Sharing
  • Reply to Activity
  • Wheelchair Accessibility Enhancements
  • Breathe - to help with deep breathing and relaxing
  • Fitness can run in the background with the watch face


  • More Cable Channel Apps Coming
  • Better iOS Remote
  • Single Sign-On
  • Dark Mode
  • Replay Kit
  • Photo Kit
  • Home Kit

macOS Sierra

Siri in macOS Sierra

Naming Changes
  • No Longer OS X - now macOS
  • New Version will be named Sierra
  • Auto Unlock with iOS or watchOS device
  • Universal Clipboard
  • iCloud Drive
Optimized Storage
  • Keep Old Documents in iCloud Drive
  • Clean Up Old Files No Longer Needed
UI Updates
  • Apple Pay on the web - confirm with iOS or watchOS device
  • Picture in Picture
  • Includes HomeKit Interface
  • Queries for Files
  • Request for Music
  • Query for Images on the Web and Download
  • Messaging within Siri

iOS 10

UX Changes in iOS 10

  • Supported On:
    • iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
    • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4
    • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
    • Sixth-generation iPod touch
User Experience
  • Rise to Wake to see Notifications
  • Allow for Interaction on Rise to Wake Interface
  • Swipe on Control Center for more details on items such as what's playing
  • More 3D Touch features added
  • Opening Up Siri to Developers with already existing apps which do: Messaging Ride Booking Photo Search Workouts Payments VoIP Calling

QuickType in iOS 10

Quick Type

  • LSTMs to make more intelligent responses and include context
  • Uses information already on the device to help type information

Photos in iOS 10

  • Uses Advanced Computer Vision to add places to photos
  • Uses AI to organize photos into memories (i.e. trips, date range, people)
  • Adds Proactive Search
  • Navigation gives more information, more animations, and more interactions
  • Adds the ability to find places (gas stations, restaurants, etc...)on the way to a route
  • Map Extensions allow other apps to access to maps
  • Discover, Recently Played, and a daily curated Playlist
  • Includes Lyrics and Top Charts
  • New UI Organization
  • Subscriptions
  • Breaking News
  • Home App for controlling HomeKit
  • Controls for Favorite controls
  • Scenes for setting multiple controls
  • Siri Integration
  • Live Feed of Camera Controls
  • Apple TV can be used a central point for HomeKit
  • Voice Mail Transcription
  • Phone Extension for Caller ID
  • VOIP App Integration

Messages in iOS 10

  • Rich Links with Web Page Previews
  • Access Camera Directly from Messaging
  • Larger Emojis
  • Emojify Words directly from Messaging
  • Bubble Effects
  • Quick Tap Responses
  • Hand Written Messages
  • Digital Touch
  • Whole Screen Effects
  • iMessage Opening to Developers
Other Things
  • Collaboration with Notes
  • Live Photos Editing
  • Split View iPad for Safari
  • Swift Playgrounds Coming to iPad for Free