I recently wrote an article for the local newspaper, the Lansing State Journal on the growing trend toward mobile technology and how WWDC 2016 gave us a slight glimpse into that.

Over the last four years having worked with large and small companies in the Lansing area, I have seen that trend towards mobile technology continue. Think about how the device in your pocket has improved: It has a better video camera, faster internet, helps you find your location cheaper than anything a decade ago. It is no wonder then that a majority of internet traffic comes from folks who only use their smartphone for online access. Both business and education are starting to take note.

I highly recommend this article if you are interested in mobile technology and the Lansing scene. I would also recommend coming on September 26 to Mobile Monday Lansing to hear about WWDC and Google IO.

Post a comment below about how you have seen mobile technology grow in your area.

Lansing State Journal

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