With the release of iOS 10, many changes are coming to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Here are the important ones to take note of:

1. Lock Screen

Locked Home Screen

The first thing you notice is the new Lock Screen and a new way to unlock your phone. When iOS 5 introduced the Notification Center, the lock screen offered a glimpse of what is happening. However when the iPhone 5 enhanced Touch ID, notifcations and widgets became nearly useless from the lock screen since the technology was so fast. Now with iOS 10, unlocking the phone and going to the home screen have been separated. This feature means you can see the widgets and even unlock them without going directly to the home screen. Now you'll be able to check the weather, see the news, and have access to the Siri Proactivity widget. You also have access to the camera by swiping all the way to the right.

Locked Home Screen

If this is a feature, you don't like you can always go to the Accessibility Settings and set it to Rest Finger to Open. However, this is probably the way of the future; if the iPhone 7 indicates anything the 2017 iPhone may go so far to eradicate the home button entirely. We'll see.

2. Messaging

Messages Enhancements

Apple has seen the writing on the wall with messaging. Some folks may balk at emojis, internet acronyms, memes, and filters but the success of apps like SnapChat indicate people want to add more context to their text messages. Here is brief list of what has been added to text messaging:

More Message Enhancements
  1. Text Effects - You can now add bubble and screen effects to your messages. The effects work on watchOS3 as well. Unfortunately, this will not work for Android users as well as on the Mac.
  2. Easy Camera Access - The camera and photo picker no longer need to take up the full screen.
  3. Access To Gif Searching - If you are looking for the right meme, you can do a search right from messaging.
  4. Access Third-Party Extensions and Stickers - third-party apps can add stickers and extensions to the existing messaging app.

The third-party extensions and stickers are a big deal and part of the bigger picture of iOS 10 opening up native apps to extensions.

3. Siri

Siri is one of the major parts of the operating system which has been opened up to third-party developers. That means that you can access other apps through Siri. While limited, there already a set of apps which support Siri integration. Lifehacker has a great list if you are interested.

4. 3D Touch

Locked Home Screen
courtesy of iphonedigital

iOS 10 has more integration with 3D Touch. Including but not limited to Settings, Weather, Calendar, Reminder, Camera, Messages, and more. Check out this article from MacRumors for more details.

5. Hide Native Apps

You can now hide native apps the same way you would remove a third-party app. It looks as though you are removing the app when in fact you are only hiding the app. If you want the app back, you just "install" the app through the app store. You can tell the apps are not downloaded but made visible since the "download" is instantaneous.

There are even more things worth talking about such as the new features in Maps, Photos, Swift Playgrounds and more. If you are interested in learning more about iOS 10, contact us and let us know how we can help.